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Consistent exercise is the cornerstone for perfect health. But contrary to popular belief, exercise isn’t about treadmill-ing yourself into a sweaty coma because you’re guilty about the pizza you ate last night. Exercise should be about finding the physical activities and sports that are fun for you, and doing those as much as possible! And to be in a position where you’re resilient enough to consistently do the activities that you love, you need to follow a well-planned training program and have a high level of physical literacy.



“Exercise” is not simply a box to cross off on your daily to-do list. While everyone else is out there living a numb existence that’s occasionally interrupted with an hour of mindless “training”, you aim to connect with and live in your body. You love certain physical activities and sports, and use them to play your way to better health. You know that it feels great to move, and that it allows you to become a happier, higher performing human being.


You must engage in structured training to aid your active lifestyle.  You should ensure that your structured training program uses an individualized, multidisciplinary, and principles-based approach to accomplish the following…

    • Improve athleticism and eliminate chronic pain (i.e. updating the software that controls your body).
    • Develop functional strength and resilience (i.e. building the hardware that is in essence, your body).


To become a healthy, well-rounded savage and stay that way, you must improve your physical literacy: the applied understanding of how to move well and recover effectively. Work with me to learn about your unique weaknesses and strengths, and eventually you will possess the tools necessary to steer your body in the direction that you want it to go. In other words, you’ll have a high level of physical literacy! Now isn’t that empowering and exciting? “Teach a man to fish, blah blah blah.”

in-person training

Focused in-person coaching that’s calibrated to your unique goals and needs.


One on one pad work to get you moving, striking, and feeling like a savage.


Online coaching that allows for more freedom and flexibility than its in-person counterparts.


Customized training programs that are designed to improve your unique strengths and eliminate your glaring weaknesses.


James Yang
James Yang
Patrick is an exceptional trainer, whose strategic and tactful approach to improving marathon performance has been invaluable to me. His focus on strength, elasticity, and mobility, backed by data and science-based exercises, has significantly enhanced my training regimen. Patrick's ability to identify and target areas of weakness ensures a tailored program that delivers results. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone seeking to elevate their physical performance.
Nicholas Lightfoot
Nicholas Lightfoot
I have worked with Patrick off and on for years and foresee myself working with him consistently into the future. The thing with Patrick is that any trainer can make someone jacked, but it takes a special person/trainer to make you jacked while also getting you to move like a top tier athlete. Patrick just really cares, is insanely knowledgeable, and will get you feeling the best youve ever felt. Could not recommend him enough.
Jo Jo Wang
Jo Jo Wang
I had the pleasure to train with Pat for the past six months, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Pat’s dedication, expertise, and encouragement truly made a difference in my fitness journey. He tailored workouts to my specific goals and pushed me to challenge myself. He is also very caring and super fun to work with! Thanks to his support, I have seen significant improvements in my strength, endurance, and overall health. And I was able to finish my very first half marathon! I highly recommend Pat to anyone looking to achieve their fitness goals and embark on a healthier lifestyle journey.
Chris Krammer
Chris Krammer
Working with Pat has been a phenomenal experience - I was having trouble getting back in the gym after becoming a burnt-out, achy, and unathletic meathead. But! Pat has made the process an absolute blast, throwing all kinds of novel - and expertly chosen - exercise variety and progression my way, and I'm well on my way to ache-free, enthusiastic athleticism. I particularly enjoy the collaborative nature of our coach-athlete relationship, and the regular check-ins. The accountability and personal investment in programming decisions really help foster a sense of teamwork, support, and sustainable motivation. 10/10 would recommend for anyone looking to ignite a true passion in training and learning about all aspects of their physical health and fitness.
Zahra Khaku
Zahra Khaku
Can’t say enough great things about Patrick! He is very easy to get along with, super friendly, motivating and kind. As someone who has never really worked out in the past, he is great with explaining/ demonstrating different exercises and making you feel comfortable as a beginner. He also adjusts as needed based on how you are doing with each specific exercise during the workout. Our workouts are always fun, lively and enjoyable. I have definitely seen results as well!
Lorna McGill
Lorna McGill
I have been training with Patrick for a little over a year. In that time we have worked on my nutrition and I have lost over 50 lbs. We work together twice weekly on rehabbing my knee and gaining strength, balance and flexibility. I am 68 years old and am in the best shape of my life. Pat truly cares deeply about his clients and is knowledgeable and passionate about his craft. He is constantly coming up with new ideas so we consistently see improvements. He gives me a daily customized training plan and holds me accountable to complete it. Gives me feedback daily on how I am doing. I can’t imagine not having Patrick in my life as my trainer and my friend. I am looking forward to many years of improved health and strength with Pat. I am forever grateful for him!
Harjit Jutla
Harjit Jutla
Patrick was a guest on a podcast I was listening to a while back. Listening to him talk about health and wellness with the mind and body as one is what prompted me to reach out to him. I’m very glad I did. At the time I was recovering from a leg injury. I shattered my tibia. I described to him where I was struggling with my recovery and how it was limiting my mobility. He gave me very clear advice on what to add to my rehab training. My recovery excelled to the point where now I can’t even feel that my tibia was ever damaged. Another added bonus. Now I pick his brain about “fads”that I see on line. Always get great feedback packed with information communicated to make sense. Double thumbs up Patrick. Keep up the great work!
Zahra Sumar
Zahra Sumar
I started going to Patrick as part of a group training session. We are 4 people and Patrick has been great in Training us together but also making sure we are improving as individuals. He pays close attention to our personal strengths and weaknesses and ultimate goals, he encourages us to be better every training session. I have seen a big difference in my stamina, in the amount of weight I can lift and this in turn has not only helped with my physical health but my mental health too. I am starting a 10-week training plan with Patrick next week and I cannot wait to be in much better shape and health. Side note: I appreciate Patrick's attention to detail with our injuries and devising a plan for us to still be able to work out while letting our injuries heal
Nicole Scudamore
Nicole Scudamore
I went from being extremely intimidated by “the gym” to fully comfortable. I’ve seen a huge difference in both my muscle tone and strength. Pat’s a great guy to work with and knows his stuff. HIGHLY recommend.
Jerad Mendoza
Jerad Mendoza
Prior to working with Patrick, I was stubborn and thought I had a perfect fitness regime and didn’t think I needed any support/training. I realized fairly quick that I was completely wrong. Working with Patrick not only changed my bad eating habits, but also changed my entire perspective on what a healthy lifestyle is defined as. Thanks to Patrick’s guidance and strong dedication to his craft, I was able to push myself and exceed my goal by losing 28 pounds within 5 months when I initially intended to only lose 20 pounds within 1 year. In addition to his excellent guidance, Patrick is a phenomenal boxer and if you start training with him I can almost guarantee that boxing will eventually become your new passion. Throughout this pivotal experience, what remained clear from the start is that Patrick makes a conscious effort to help his clients achieve success. He will create a well thought out tailored fitness regime that’s best suited for you with achievable and realistic accomplishments. I am now determined to utilize all the tips he provided me, indefinitely, and will never be overweight ever again. I can confidently say Patrick is one of the best personal trainers in Vancouver.


Nothing gets me more fired up than helping physical activity enthusiasts achieve complete health and pain-free performance. So if you’re ready to get (and stay) in superhuman shape, eliminate your pain, or become a better athlete, fill out the contact form below and we’ll create a game plan to get you to your goals!

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